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KIMA-S107B Polymaleic Acid solvent bases (PMA)

Molecular Weight: 600-800
Chemical Name: Maleic acid homopolymer

KIMA-S109 Phosphinosuccinic Oligomer (PSO)

KIMA-S109 PSO (similar to Kao Asience; Nalco of USA) is Phosphinosuccinic Oligomer, no toxicity, soluble in water, high chemical stability and thermal stability, decomposed temperature above 300 oC. It has good compatibility when used together with other agents.


CAS No.: 71050-62-9

Molecular Formula: (C3H4O2.H3O2P)X Molecular

Weight: 1500-2200

KIMASOL S40 40% Liquid

CAS No.: 71050-62-9
Molecular Formula: (C3H4O2.H3O2P)X
Molecular weight: 1500-2200

KIMA-S111 Polyepoxysuccinic Acid(PESA)

CAS No. : 51274-37-4; 109578-44-1
Molecular Formula: HO(C4H2O5M2)nH Molecular weight: 400-1500
Structural Formula:

KIMA-S112 Phosphinopolycarboxylic acid(POCA)

KIMA-S112 is a phosphinopolycarboxylic acid which is a strong polymer combines features of both phosphonates and polyacrylate to deliver a unique balance of threshold inhibition and dispersancy. It is compatible with most microbiological control agents and is resistant to chlorine.


KIMA-S115 SS-MA is a Co-Polymer designed for use in chemical treatment of boiler waters. The addition of KIMA-S115 SS-MA to the boiler water effectively prevents the accumulation of scale and sludge and disperses or conditions accumulated sludge enabling it to be removed by blowdown. KIMA-S115 SS-MA prevents deposits from forming on the water side surfaces, maintains efficient heat transfer and decreases the incidence of boiler clean up, thus lowering operating costs.

KIMA-S116 AA/AMPS/SS Terpolymer

KIMA-S116 AA/AMPS/SS, A low molecular weight, organic terpolymer consisting of carboxylic, sulfonic and sulfonated styrene groups, these groups synergize to produce superior scale inhibition and dispersancy. Inhibits scale resulting from calcium/magnesium carbonate, calcium phosphate, iron oxide and barium sulfate.


KIMA-S117 P-AA-MA is a low molecular weight acrylic acid/acrylamide co-polymer. It is highly effective as a dispersant and scale inhibitor in industrial water treatment, boiler water treatment, detergent as well as in all types of water based systems. KIMA-S117 P-AA-MA is an excellent alternative to the higher priced Buckman BSI 82 and the old Acumer 2000.


KIMA-S118 P-AA-AMPS antiscalant has been developed as a calcium phosphate inhibitor and a multifunctional formulation support agent in industrial water systems and other related applications. The active ingredient of KIMA-S118 P-AA-AMPS is Phosphinocarboxylic Acid Co-Polymer. KIMA-S118 P-AA-AMPS is not affected by chlorine or other oxidizing biocides under normal use conditions. Test for compatibility with long chain nitrogen compounds, aliphatic amines and quaternary ammonium compounds.

KIMA-Y101 Copolymer of Polycarboxylic Acid and Carboxylic Ester (AA/HPA)

CAS No. 55719-33-0
Molecular Weight: 650000
Molecular Formula: ((C6H10O3)•(C3H4O2))X