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Sodium Chlorite


Sodium Chlorite is white liquid and crystalline, it is stable in room temperature and normal storage conditions, it should be far away from acid because sodium chlorite very easily to reaction with acid and release chlorine dioxide gas. It should be not strong crashing and not contact with reducible material and acid, otherwise can be explosion or fire.

CAS No. 7758-19-2 

Molecular Weight: 90.45

Molecular Formula: NaCIO2

EINECS:  231-836-6

Structural Formula:  


Appearancelight yellowish liquidWhite crystalline solid
Sodium Chlorite as NaClO225%, 31%80%, 82%, 85%, 90%
Sodium    Chlorate as NaClO3≤0.8%≤4.0%
Sodium Hydroxide as NaOH≤0.4%≤3.0%
Sodium Carbonate as Na2CO3≤0.4%≤2.0%
Sodium Chloride as NaCl≤2%≤19.0%
Sodium Sulfate as Na2SO4≤0.1%≤3.0%
Sodium Nitrate as NaNO3≤0.1%≤0.1%
Arsenic as As1ppm max≤0.0003
Mercury as Hg--≤0.00001
Water by difference--≤6.0%
Lead as Pb1ppm max≤0.0001%

Product Character and Advantage

Sodium Chlorite has high content and stability, can easily dissolve in water, and has difficult hardpan. It is an oxidizing agent with high efficiency and an excellent bleaching reagent. The pure sodium chlorite is equal to 10 times of bleaching powder. The more important characteristic is that it has the moderate ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)


Sodium Chlorite is a kind of latest, efficient bleacher and bactericide. Previously, it is applied to bleach flax, cotton, fibers, textiles etc. Sodium Chlorite has been expanding its using fields with the running raise of people's concept, especially the further application of the fourth generation disinfectant (ClO2) on medicine and health, food-processing, aquaculture, drinking water disinfection, industry water treatment, dry flower procedure and so on.

Package and Storage Recommendation

1) Liquid: Normally in 200L drum or IBC (1000L) can be used as required. 

2) Solid: In 50Kg iron drum can be used as required.

3) Storage for 24 months in room shady and dry place.

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